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Supplies – Solutions & Accessories

Solvents & Lubricants

Pro 100HD Ultrasonic Soap

Heavy-duty degreaser designed for ultrasonic cleaning. Safe on all metals, polymers, and cerakote coatings. This water-soluble, biodegradable, concentrated detergent prevents flash rust.

Firearm Lubricant & Preservative (FLP)

Long-lasting lubrication & protection for firearms, knives, tools & more. Fast and easy lubrication of gun bores, barrels, actions and contact surfaces. Soaks into metal and does not gum up; metal parts stay lubricated.

Bore Tech Brass Case Cleaner

Powerful, long-lasting brass case cleaning concentrate. Quickly cleans brass inside & out, removing powder residue, dirt, oil & oxidation. Effectively cleans primer pockets & necks.


Additional baskets are available for each machine. We offer a polymer coating for any basket, to prevent scratches on metal. There are also fine mesh baskets useful for brass and smaller parts.

Mobile Workstations

Available in the perfect size to fit each PGC ultrasonic unit, with adjustable shelves and locking wheels. 

For PGC 2012 & 2012T3

For PGC 4808

For PGC 3608

For PGC 3608T2